Can't get starter kit to run on SQL Server 2005

Sep 28, 2010 at 5:35 PM

I am running SQL Server 2005 and VS 2008 on Win7 32 bit and cannot get starter kit to run. I ran the club-add.sql script and deleted everything in the App_Data folder. I also ran aspnet_regsql.exe and put the files in the ExtendedClubSite database. I created a new connectionstring  to the new database and configured the membership, rolemanager and profiles to work with this connectionstring. I deleted the other connection strings in the web.config file.


The application compiles with no errors but I get a runtime error of:

SQL Exception was unhandled by user code. Invalid object nate 'SiteSettings'


I believe the error is in the DataSet.xsd which is still looking to the clubsite.mdf
DataSourceName="[D:\Documents and Settings\samsp\Desktop\clubsite project\Club site\App_Data\clubsite.mdf].dbo.MemberInfo"

Much thanks to anyone for their help,